About Us

Wildwood Cemetery is proud to tell the public about its careful, caring staff, be it the administrative staff or groundskeeping team. Stop by the office and say hello to these amazing workers or read below:

Fred Erikson began working at Wildwood Cemetery in 2011 as its Assistant General Manager and now serves as its General Manager. Throughout the years he was worked to digitize records, forms, and processes to make your visit that much more efficient. When he’s not in the office, he’s either working on his pond or letting his hair blow with the Porsche’s top down.

Caleb Hipple started his career as an intern through Lycoming College’s WISE Internship Program in June of 2021. He looks forward to helping visitors locate their loved ones, sharing historical tidbits, and discussing his hair routine. Outside of the office he is a student at Lycoming College majoring in Creative Writing.

Donald Hamm joined the team in 2003. He has worked hard to ensure that the dozen workers on our grounds crew efficiently maintain our 250+ acres. You’ll often find him driving the excavator, fixing graves as per visitor’s requests, or momentarily basking in the office’s air conditioning.