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The Victorian Christmas Tour

Wildwood Cemetery 1151 Cemetery Street, Williamsport

Wildwood Cemetery will be featured on the 9AM-5PM tour on Saturday, November 18th. Below is the full itinerary for the entire event.   Friday, November 17th Victorian Christmas’ Program “The Preservationists” presented by Dan Ford, The Trogner Presentation Room, Third Floor, Room 308, Krapf Gateway Center, Lycoming College. 7 PM – 8:30 PM The Otto Bookstore: 9AM-8PM […]

November 2023 Meeting of the Cemetery Scrollmates Book Club

Wildwood Cemetery 1151 Cemetery Street, Williamsport

“The war in Iraq empties the small town of Tumalo, Oregon, of men—of fathers—leaving their sons to fight among themselves. But the boys’ bravado fades at home when, alone, they check e-mail again and again for word from their fathers at the front. Often from fractured homes and communities, the young men in these breathless […]

Blessing of the Unconsecrated Ground

Wildwood Cemetery 1151 Cemetery Street, Williamsport

The unconsecrated, or not blessed, part of the cemetery is where these unbaptized babies, born to Catholic families, many of them stillborn, were buried. This occurred early in the 1900s, in the Mount Carmel Cemetery. The names of the babies will be read during a memorial Mass at 10 a.m. on Nov. 11 at St. […]