Wildwood Cemetery offers a wide variety of burial options for your planning purposes or for your loved ones. Founded in 1863, our cemetery has been one of the main provider of interment options for central Pennsylvanians. Our crematory has been in operation since 1972, and we have performed over 16,000 cremations. Choosing Wildwood means you’ve chosen decades of experiences with thousands of proven examples.

Cremation Burials

Niche Cabinets
Our cabinets look across the city of Williamsport from our rolling hills, the perfect resting place for the deceased.

A peaceful resting spot by Wildwood Cemetery’s historic reservoir, uniform and close to many of our prime sections.

Cremation Burial
An urn burial service allows for your loved one to be buried within the earth of our lush grounds.

Traditional Burials

Wildwood Cemetery offers many spaces in which you may construct your own personal mausoleum.

On Cemetery Street, you can find our accessible and beautiful red granite crypts.

Traditional Grave
Within the cemetery are multiple sections in which in-ground burials may be committed.


Niche Cabinet
Multiple cabinets have been erected within our grounds, with more coming available for pre-purchase.

Our limited supply of full-body crypts are available for purchase at a record low cost, with additional savings included.

Traditional Grave
We have multiple sections within the cemetery where individual graves or full family lots may be purchased.

Cremation Grave
Throughout the years, the managers of Wildwood Cemetery have picked prime land in which cremation burials may be performed.

An in-ground cremation burial option with bronze plaque included, located in our Garden of Memories.

Alternative Burials
Wildwood Cemetery is looking to offer multiple alternative burial options such as an ash scattering garden, pond interments, tree burials, and green burials.

Our staff will gladly discuss any burial option you may interested in, regardless of price or place.