Wildwood’s Remembrance Tree

Welcome to our Remembrance Tree, a heartfelt and inclusive tribute to loved ones that transcends religious and cultural boundaries. Our cemetery understands the importance of honoring and preserving the memory of those we’ve lost, and the Remembrance Tree provides a beautiful and meaningful way for patrons to do just that.

The Remembrance Tree is a symbol of unity and remembrance that serves as a tranquil centerpiece in our cemetery. This tree is specially designed to be inclusive of all religions and belief systems, making it a place of solace for everyone, regardless of their faith. It stands as a testament to the enduring bond between the living and their departed loved ones.
At the heart of the Remembrance Tree tradition is the act of hanging ornaments. Patrons of the cemetery are encouraged to place ornaments on the tree in honor of their loved ones. This timeless tradition creates a connection between the living and the departed, keeping memories alive for generations to come. Ornaments can be bought here.

Circular Slate Ornaments

Circular slate ornaments are a timeless and rustic option. They provide a sturdy and earthy look, which complements the natural surroundings of the cemetery. The circular shape symbolizes the continuity of life and love.

Heart-Shaped Ornaments

Heart-shaped ornaments convey love and emotion. Crafted from various materials like wood, glass, crystal, acrylic, or black onyx, these ornaments allow patrons to express the deep affection they feel for their loved ones.

Wood Ornaments

Wooden ornaments provide a warm and organic feel. Each wooden ornament can be customized to feature the name and a brief tribute to the departed, creating a personal connection between the ornament and the loved one

Glass Ornaments

Glass ornaments bring a delicate elegance to the Remembrance Tree. The transparent quality of glass symbolizes the clarity of memory and the ethereal nature of the departed.

Crystal Ornaments

Crystal ornaments capture and reflect light, symbolizing the enduring light of memory. They add a touch of sophistication and shine to the Remembrance Tree.

Black Onyx Ornaments

Black onyx ornaments exude a sense of strength and resilience. They are a meaningful choice for those who want to honor the memory of someone with unwavering determination and courage.

Acrylic Ornaments

Acrylic ornaments are modern and versatile, allowing for a range of creative designs. They offer a sleek and contemporary way to remember loved ones

Ceramic Ornaments

Timeless and enduring, ceramic ornaments have a classic beauty that reflects the enduring nature of your loved one’s memory. These pieces are crafted with care and dedication.