Burial Price Lists

Wildwood Cemetery has prided itself as a provider in multiple interment options in an otherwise limited field. Below are some of our offerings, alongside an explanation of what each entails. A price-list brochure can be found here.

The cemetery is divided into halves- the East and West sides. Each side is then divided further into sections, and each section into lots. Then, a lot is divided up into individual grave spaces. For example, Peter Herdic is buried in Lot 1296 of Section C West, Grave Space unspecified.

Traditional Graves

A traditional grave is what most think of when they talk about graves: an approximately 5 foot by 10 foot space of grass and earth, able to accommodate one full casket as well as up to three urns.

Cremation Graves

A cremation grave is similar to a traditional grave in size; typically we reserve these graves as solely for cremations due to spacing or soil variances. These graves can accommodate up to three urns.

Niche Cabinets

Another interment option for cremations are niche cabinets; essentially an 11 inch cube of space within a shoulder-height granite cabinet, able to accommodate 1-2 urns.

Depending on the area of interment, graves can be marked with either laser-engraved granite faceplates or bronze placards.

Crypt Mausoleum

Wildwood Cemetery offers community crypts in its Praying Hand Mausoleum section of the cemetery. A crypt can accommodate one full casket, as well as multiple urns at the cemetery manager’s discretion.

The Updegraff Cremorial

A cremorial is an in-ground niche cabinet. Cremorials too can be purchased either with a granite or bronze face. This option is great for somebody looking to find a space, interment, and monument all in one go.

The Herdic Burial

We at Wildwood understand the price associated with funerals is typically unmanageable. We now offer a burial option including a monument, burial, and space for a cremation at an affordable cost.