Welcome to Wildwood

Wildwood Cemetery is a non-profit company nestled in the hills above Williamsport, overlooking the expansive community it has served for over 150 years since 1863. As we have 70,000 plus people buried here, we pride ourselves as the tranquil eternal rest for their legacies; the local leaders, American heroes, and benevolent denizens of our area interred here ensure that our proud tradition of excellence is always prominent.

Wildwood Cemetery, situated in Loyalsock Township, consists of approximately 250 acres of managed grounds and many more undeveloped, with more than 20 miles of roads.  Wildwood Cemetery is open to all faiths and offers a variety of final interment options including traditional grave spaces, mausoleum crypt interments, and cremation niche columbariums. Wildwood Cemetery also operates two cremation units and has been providing cremation services to local funeral directors since 1972.