Below are some of our tours we have been developing over the years, to be held either publicly or in-private, upon your request. While our tours are not currently online, you can find them on our events page or on our Facebook feed.

Lumber Barons

Once the lumber capitol of the world, Williamsport amassed thousands of lumbermen during its boom. Wildwood now houses some of the most prominent barons of the trade who helped found this great city.

Women in Williamsport

As the turn of the century approached, the women in Williamsport embraced change and provided a temperance to the masculine-driven social norms, and gift our cemetery with diversity and culture.

Lycoming Leaders

Many of those who found Lycoming County to be their life’s work and its betterment their sole occupation now rest in these hallowed hills, where you can pay reverence.

Arts and History

Williamsport acted as a microcosm of the arts, an epicenter when innovation met capital, resulting in beautiful architecture, everlasting works of art, and ties to history.