Cremation services are offered at Wildwood, with a dedicated on-site facility ensuring that all cremations are carried out with the utmost respect and care, adhering to the highest standards. Wildwood is considerate of diverse faiths and preferences, accommodating the traditions of all. Families who opt for cremation at Wildwood have the option to schedule a brief farewell service in advance. The historical Chapel at Wildwood is also available for family members to gather and pay tribute to their departed loved ones.

Wildwood collaborates with funeral directors, both locally and out of state, and individuals interested in immediate arrangements for full-body burials or cremation in Pennsylvania State must work with a licensed funeral director. Funeral directors can be located online, through personal recommendations, or via religious institutions.

For the interment of cremated remains, Wildwood understands the significance of remembrance and offers various options, including above-ground and in-ground choices. These options provide a permanent resting place, allowing families to visit and remember their loved ones for generations to come.

To explore these options further, individuals are encouraged to contact the compassionate staff at (570) 323-8421, who can guide them through the available choices.

Choosing an urn to hold the cremated remains of a loved one is a deeply personal decision. Wildwood can assist in selecting from a range of urn options, which can be personalized with engravings to convey a special message or statement in honor of the departed.

Wildwood also offers various ways to personalize the memorialization of cremated remains, from adding a special message on a plaque next to the urn to displaying a framed cameo photograph of the loved one. Additionally, there are opportunities for keepsake jewelry designed to hold a small portion of the cremated remains or dried ceremonial flowers. The dedicated staff at Wildwood is available to discuss these numerous options with you.