Burial Services

Wildwood offers many choices for full-body burial. These include traditional in-ground and above-ground placement (or “entombment”) of a crypt in one of our community mausoleums. Land is available for the construction of a family mausoleum or sarcophagus. We encourage you to set up an appointment today by calling (570)-323-8421.

If you’re looking to schedule a burial in an existing Wildwood lot, please contact a licensed Pennsylvania State Funeral Director to make arrangements. Prices for our graves can be found here.

Traditional In-Ground Burial

With Wildwood has a select number of lots for traditional in-ground interment available. Lots are divided up into grave spaces; each grave space can accommodate 1 casket, as well as 3 urns. All burial spaces are subject to restrictions concerning grave markers, plantings, and memorial tributes, which our staff will provide you.

Community Mausoleums

Within our Praying Hands Mausoleum section, there are a wide array of options for crypts that our staff will gladly tour with you at your request. Our crypts are outdoor, ensuring proper ventilation and ease of access for loved ones. The mausoleum (one of the three structures) is comprised of crypts, each accommodating 1 casket. Prices vary depending on capacity, level, and location.

Green Burials

While Wildwood Cemetery does not currently offer green burials, we are developing a section of the cemetery to act as a space for green burials. With no vaults, no traditional headstones other than fieldstones, and an abundance of local flora to cover the grounds, we hope The Wilds at Wildwood will meet all of your expectations for an ecologically friendly burial, without any ridiculous pricing. Contact one of our staff members at (570)-323-8421 to discuss the project, and to have your name added to our waitlist.