Learn with Wildwood


Stone Restoration Services

Wildwood restores headstones in-house, both with the use of biological cleaners and different epoxy applications. In one of our workshops, visitors can watch a demonstration and assist with their own restoration.

Historical Tours

Our cemetery was founded on August 19th, 1863, and has over 60,000 burials within its grounds. Because of this, we have accumulated a surplus of stories and information to supply the public; reach out to discuss our different tours we have available.

Cremation Process

Our crematory has been in operation for over 50 years, with a combined experience of nearly 30 years in our staff. Visitors can learn the different mechanical aspects of the cremator and associated machines, as well as the history and symbolism of cremation.

Gardening Lecture

Throughout the cemetery are many cradles and spaces where floral arrangements are planted; we also have an assortment of tree species within the cemetery, each with their own set of requirements and traits. Visitors can learn how to tend said plantings and plant their own bulb.

Let’s learn together.