Marker, Headstone, and Foundation Regulations

Marker Size Guidelines  

Single GraveTwo to Three GravesFour to Five GravesInfant Grave
30″ by 16″48″ by 16″54″ by 16″20″ by 10″

Larger markers on oversized lots (greater than 5 graves) are permissible with Wildwood approval. Poured foundations are required.

Corner Markers

Depth of MarkerHeight of MarkerInstallation Price
8″ minimumFlush to 4″ above ground$50.00 per install

Foundation and Install Prices

Poured FoundationsPrefabricated FoundationsVeteran Marker InstallBronze Marker Install
minimum $1,300.00$1.10 per square inchprices vary ($0-85)$100 + foundation


  • We have one flat/flush marker section (Bible Rock).
  • Two sections where slant markers are not permitted (Rosser & Lyons).
  • Benches are not permitted unless they are specifically used as the grave marker.
    • Foundations are sized to the span of the legs
    • Size restriction is based on seat size and/or adornments

It is highly advisable to contact our office for approval of the type and size of marker you are ordering prior to placing your order to insure that it meets our requirements.

We require foundation orders in writing, accompanied with a check (verbal orders will not be accepted.)

It is the responsibility of the monument dealer to assure proper placement of names on all markers.  We will be glad to assist in the decision-making process